The main objective is to lend visibility and international recognition to public and private companies that have adopted and implemented policies for the inclusion of persons with disability among their employees.

SEDPcD/SP's intention is to encourage companies to include workers with disability in their staff by means of strategies for participatory, equal and productive creation and maintenance in their work environment, where the workers can give substantive contributions in the context of a strong and sustainable economy based on human values.

In the International Edition, the SEDPcD relies on the collaboration of the Office of Foreign Affairs of the São Paulo State Government, the consultancy i.Social and support by the UN Global Compact, in addition to partnerships with the international agencies such as FRAmericas, G3ict, ICCC, IDA, ILO, RIADIS, UNDP, Brazilian Network of the Global Compact, as well as with diplomatic representations based in the State of São Paulo and their Chambers of Foreign Trade, especially of those countries that have specific legislation focused on the employability of persons with disability.